Struggling Raider Football Looks to Improve


Caleb Larson, Staff Writer

At Roseville Area High School, The Raiders football team has had a rough year. After a close loss against Mounds View last Friday, they are now 0-6. The question now is: How can the team improve?

Corleone Davis (Grade 12), The nose guard for the Raiders said “Showing up on time.” Is the Team’s weakest aspect.

This answer coincides with another from Alden Wright (Grade 12), The Kicker for the Raiders who said “We don’t have to do anything differently at practice. Guys just got to show up.”

He continued “After every game Coach harps on us for our bad attendance so before we can think about doing stuff differently we just got to get guys to show up.”

Though the team has been struggling, the team has some strengths. Davis said “Our Communication” is the greatest strength of the team.

Wright thinks it’s the defense saying “They’ve come up with more than a few stops and turnovers, our offense just hasn’t been able to capitalize yet.” The offense has definitely been struggling this year. Though there have been some great highlights, namely Hayden Pierce’s touchdown against Stillwater High School on September 17, marking their first points of the season, the offensive production hasn’t been ideal.

On an optimistic note, Davis says the team has been “Putting more energy into practice.”

This could have rubbed off on the game against Anoka where they scored their third most points on offense and had their closest game yet up to that point in the season.

Their game against Mounds View was extremely close, losing just by one point 28-29. Ever since their game against Stillwater, the points on offense have been increasing with each game.

Davis says the rest of the season looks like it’s going Uphill.

The Roseville Raiders next game is this Friday at 7:00 against the Forest Lake Rangers. As of now the Ranger’s are 1-4, winning their last game against the Hopkins 33-7.