Perspectives of the COVID-19 Vaccine from Students, Staff, and Nurses.


Audrey Yang, Staff Writer

This fall RAHS restarted in-person schooling five days a week while maintaining safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.   One of the most lauded ways to prevent spread of the virus is through vaccination.  Many at RAHS have gotten their vaccines and others are hesitant.

The journalism team was able to host interviews with various students and staff, asking questions about the vaccine. Licensed School Nurse Tiffany Witschen at RAMS supports the vaccine.  She said, “Vaccines have been proven to help keep human beings safe against awful diseases like Polio and measles.” 

Being fully vaccinated or not, students and staff must continue practicing safe habits. Principal Christine Hester stated, “It [the COVID-19 pandemic] is not over and we need to do our best as individuals to contribute to ending this pandemic.” Masks up and over noses, staying home when sick, washing hands. 

Although knowledge of the vaccine is well-known, some lack information. Licensed School Nurse Ann DePaolis-Jones at RAHS reiterated, “It is safe and effective and will help all of us move past the COVID pandemic,” hoping to make an impact on students. 

Hester added onto this, saying, “I was a microbiology major in college and virus’ was an area of study for me,” adding on how her background information of vaccines has influenced her choice of being vaccinated or not. 

When asking a sophomore about her thoughts about how COVID-19 has affected her, she stated how COVID-19 has restricted her from hanging out with friends. She believes that her parent’s choice disregards people’s safety. Students must do their best to keep everyone safe as best as they can.