What to Expect During Hybrid Learning

RAHS welcomes freshmen this week and everyone else next week.


Teachers prep for in person learning by decluttering their rooms and arranging desks six feet apart.

Natalie Westphall, Staff Writer

It has been a long time since we have been able to be back in the classroom but the day is finally arriving when we will be able to go back to in-person school. Here is a rundown of what is planned so far and what to expect when going back to school this trimester.

The first group of ninth graders are set to go back in person on March 15th and the second on the 17th. Grades 10-12 will begin blended learning one week after on March 22nd.

Students will be going back two days a week in their assigned groups for an undecided amount of time. Group 1 will be going on Mondays and Tuesdays and group 2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Friday will remain an asynchronous day where everyone will stay at home and do their work.

Due to construction going on in the school and safety precautions, there won’t be an open house at the high school. If you are new to the school or don’t know your way around the new additions, it will probably be easiest to find your classes by asking staff or friends where the classes are and how to get there.

Classrooms will look different than they normally would. Students will be distanced from each other and wearing masks. Students refusing to wear a mask, will be sent home.  Teachers and staff will be enforcing covid safety guidelines and making sure students are being cautious. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, these guidelines include social distancing and minimizing exposure, face coverings, protecting vulnerable populations (people), and practicing hygiene.

Most teachers are planning on returning in person to school but some are planning on staying home. The in-person students in a class with a teacher staying in distance-learning will attend class on a zoom with the teacher while another staff member is in the room with the students.

Masks will be required to stay on all day except for when eating during lunch. The lunch room will be socially distanced and there will only be a certain number of people allowed at each table. School lunches will most likely be bagged up and then given to students to avoid spreading germs.

Whether students choose to stay home or do hybrid, everyone will attend five classes everyday except asynchronous Fridays. The schedule will be different from last trimester and the school day will last from 8:10am to 2:10pm.

More information about Hybrid Learning can be found on Schoology or by asking RAHS staff. You can also reach out to any staff member with questions or concerns you may have about going back in person or staying at home. This is going to be a big change to what we’ve grown used to so hopefully everyone will be able to stay safe and move towards the end of the coronavirus.