Raiders’ mental health struggles

Natalie Yanez, Staff Writer

Many high school students struggle with mental health. Here are some things that will help you better your mental health as a high school student.

All students experience different things such as stress from homework and tests, social anxiety, depression, anxiety, and many others. According to three sophomores that would like to stay anonymous, the best way to improve your mental health is “try to see friends as often as possible.” They feel comfortable around their friends and that helps release those bad thoughts and feelings.

High school students also say it’s hard for their parents to identify when they are struggling mentally, or they just don’t really understand what’s going on. Normally they prefer to reach out to friends or find other ways to get rid of that stress and anxiety. A student says they “go on walks and listen to music” when they are feeling really anxious or stressed out about schoolwork. It’s okay to take a break.

Some students do say they reach out to adult figures about what’s going on mentally. A sophomore student says “I go to therapy to talk with my therapist about what’s going on.” Some other students also reach out to their parents eventually to talk about what’s going on as well. This seems to work for most students and gives them a sort of release from some of that stress. It’s hard to reach out to adults but once you take that big step you feel a weight lift off of your shoulder.

Try to reach out to some friends, teachers, counselors, parents, or even a pet if you’re struggling with your mental health. High school is really tough and it’s understandable if you’re struggling to get school work in. Just know you’re not alone and there’s always someone there to talk to if you ever need a release.


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